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Available applications that include OpenDyslexic

Storyboard That


Storyboard That is a great web app that lets you make storyboards for your workplace, in schools, or just to make a comic.

From the developer:

Storyboard That is the world’s best online storyboard creator. From creating short stories, or doing a plot summary storyboarding is a powerful way to visually see and communicate ideas.

With over a quarter million storyboards created, people of all ages take advantage of our easy to use drag and drop interface and extensive library of custom created artwork to bring their stories to life. As the images on the screen unfold creativity naturally follows.

We are incredibly excited to add the OpenDyslexic font after it was recommended to us by some of our teacher friends. Teachers had already been using Storyboard That for Transition Boards / PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) – for some time, and we feel this helps round our ability to have even more students succeed.

To use the OpenDyslexic font, create a new storyboard – – and select the Open Dyslexic font when adding text.

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Complete The Words


From the description:

Complete the words has a proven track record in schools to improve spelling and writing performance.

The fun way to improve kids ABC, alphabet, letters and spelling whilst keeping them amused for hours.

Magmentis is proud to bring you Complete the Words, the new version of this popular software already used by several hundred thousand children in schools all over the world (and by more than the 30% of primary schools just in the UK) to improve pupils’ ABC, spelling and word recognition skills.

Start the app to a bright, colorful menu screen with different exercises:

Shape Matching to words
First Letter matching to words
Word Matching to pictures

Learners will enjoy matching missing letters, words and shapes in words spoken to them by a professionally recorded lady’s voice.

Whenever you wish, you may go to the Smudge Marks screen where Smudge has recorded right and wrong answers to monitor your learners’ progress.

Learning first words using Complete the words has been proven in schools all over the world for nearly 20 years. Developed with active support from educational experts and with a proven track record in schools across the globe, Complete the Words is suitable for native English speakers and also for those learning English as a foreign language.

Specially chosen words along with, graphics and sounds that appeal to a global audience of learners have already ensured Complete the Words’ success with teachers the world over – improving spelling and writing ability for an entire generation of young learners.

Download it! Lite Version (iTunes) | Full version (iTunes)

Brunelleschi: Age of Architects


Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is a web-based multiplayer strategy game set in the early 1500s, and features innovative gameplay, a player driven economy, and multiple playstyles to suit casual or committed gamers. Brunelleschi will always be free to play, and has no barriers between ‘paid’ content and free content. The unique ‘Sovereign’ and ‘Minister’ mechanics of the game will encourage teamwork not previously seen in this type of city-building game. Complex warfare and diplomacy mechanics will create unlimited replay ability, as will the hundreds of buildings and dozens of districts.

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Developer’s Website:

Dyslite for OpenDyslexic

TechCrunch viewed with Dyslite

TechCrunch viewed with Dyslite

Dyslite for OpenDyslexic converts the font on all web pages to OpenDyslexic, an open-source font type that many people with dyslexia have found easier to read than traditional typefaces (but you already know that!)

Dyslite was designed to be a very light plugin so that it would not interfere with the load times on web pages. Once you have the Dyslite plugin installed and enabled, text on webpages loaded by your web browser are automatically and instantly converted into your dyslexia-optimized web font of choice (we currently offer OpenDyslexic, Mono Dyslexic, and Gill Dyslexic). Just install it once you’ll never have to worry about it again. But it’ll always be behind the scenes, working to help you read faster and more efficiently.

You can learn more about the Dyslite plugin and supported font types at

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*Note* The website for has intermittent issues. You may want to contact the owner of Dyslite if you can’t reach it. Since I do not control Dyslite, there is not much I can do.

Learn Words Series

Academic Apps For Kids have recently launched our first two apps: Learn Words 1 and Learn Words 2, available on the AppStore for iPad and iPhone. Both apps teach young children to read 40 words using pictures and targeted multiple choice. Our aim is to make learning fun without trying to distract with loud and flashy songs and animations. We promise a quiet and safe learning experience, so no advertisements or in-app purchases. All apps are available at the lowest price point and have a discount for educational institutions.

We are proud to have included an option to use the OpenDyslexic font and fully support all the great work that Abelardo Gonzalez is doing. We hope to release many more apps in the future and they will all feature OpenDyslexic.

Get it links:
Learn Words 1:
Learn Words 2:

Develop AppStore page:

Developer Website:

My Family Tree


My Family Tree has a neat option available if you have OpenDyslexic installed. [Ctrl] + D will change all the fonts used to OpenDyslexic!

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Developer website:


You can select OpenDyslexic from the language menu.

You can select OpenDyslexic from the language menu.

MediaWiki added a Universal Language Selector that included OpenDyslexic late last year, and now it has become a part of Wikipedia. Now anyone using Wikipedia can switch to reading the articles in OpenDyslexic easily, without needing to install anything on their computer.

Source: WikiMedia Blog
Get it: Wikipedia

Dyslektz Reader

Dyslektz Reader

Description provided by AEL Data:
Dyslektz Reader is a special eBook reader application designed and developed for the book enthusiasts with dyslexia. With dyslexic-friendly user interface and built-in dyslexic font that converts books with any fonts and styles to OpenDyslexic font,
it provides a hassle free reading experience to its users. It supports ebooks of both ePUB and PDF formats with the features specifically designed for accessibility.

Get it: Google Play
Developer’s Website:



A beautiful, feature-rich WordPress client for iPad and iPhone. In addition to being able to use OpenDyslexic in a non-distracting interface, it also supports DropBox, MarkDown, TextExpander and more.

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Catznip with OpenDyslexic

Catznip with OpenDyslexic in a notecard

Catznip is an open source Second Life client for Windows and Linux with that in addition to a lot of usability enhancements, supports setting different fonts for parts of the UI. Open Dyslexic was the motivation to add this feature and has been very well received by our users.

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