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Traditional books printed in OpenDyslexic available for purchase.

Le Nouveau Petit Chaperon Rouge (The New Little Red Riding Hood)

From the publisher:
We just started with the ebook “Le Nouveau Petit Chaperon Rouge,” a modern version of the “Little Red Riding Hood,” with manga illustrations.
This Hood is no victim as she is in the original tale. She’s a teenager with a strong personality. She crossed the Broceliande Forest by bike to bring cupcakes to her injured active grandmother. Along the way, she meets the Wolf who is some boring flirty nerdy guy.

The next ebook, which will be released soon, is about a mischievous kitten who discovers the world. We named him “Wasabi” because of the color of his eyes.
We will translate our books in english and spanish for export.

These look excellent.

Get them:

Spider & Bat: Best Friends Forever


Join Spider and Bat on their adventures in the Australian bush. Author, Tracy Montgomery, a qualified youth worker, incorporates life skill lessons such as how to make friends, in this cute story book. Open Dyslexic font makes it easy to read for dyslexic children and adults. Watch out for the second book in the series due out June!

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Sudoku for Dyslexics: 200 puzzles

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 9.49.02 PM

There are 200 Sudoku puzzles split evenly into 4 levels of difficulty: EASY, COOL, THINKER and BRAIN.

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Zack & Zoey’s Alien Apocalypse: Alien Busting Ninja Adventure


After Aliens come to earth and eat the president, Zack and Zoey need to save the world.

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Authors website:

G is for Gadget

G is for Gadget

A beautifully laid out eBook featuring touchable items for each letter of the alphabet. Description from the app store:

G is for Gadget is not just another children’s alphabet picture book. This book teaches the alphabet to young children using a catalog of the gadgets that they see you use almost everyday. This book is also an ode to the relationship with these gadgets that many of us tend to take for granted every day. In fact, many of these items did not even exist in their current form or at all when we were learning the alphabet, and today our children are being exposed to some of these gadgets within minutes of entering the world.

In this new context, the Gadget Alphabet is a New Alphabet for a New Generation.

G is for Gadget not only identifies the initial letter of a gadget’s name, but uses over 110 touchable items that introduces many of the iconic images and sounds which are part of these brands. This means that your gadgets themselves can then become teaching tools, making every moment a true learning opportunity to reenforce the learning of the alphabet.

G is for Gadget proudly features:
OpenDyslexic Font – a new open sourced font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia.
Voices representing various countries and accents (currently only English Speaking).
Real world Images, sounds, videos and trademarks (which are the property of their respective owners).

Each gadget also has a short description that will likely make you chuckle more than your child, but that’s simply part of what we call ‘sharing the fun’ (something for them and something for you)!

I know you will enjoy sharing and reading this book together, hopefully as much as you enjoy using your gadgets.

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App store:

The Swamp Man, by Shoo Rayner

A fantastic children’s picture book about a swamp man! From the iTunes description:

Sam and Kim get the heebie-jeebies when they hear strange footsteps squelching around outside. Is it one of Aunt Loopy’s crazy games? Or is it the slippery, slimySwamp Man coming to get them?

Shiver with fear and shake with laughter! Little Horror’s Dyslexic Font series are perfect for children with reading difficulties, with weighted type & cream paper background.

Shoo Rayner is the best-selling author and illustrator of over 170 children’s books that have sold in millions world-wide.

Get it: iTunes
Shoo Rayner’s site:

Missy Piranha and the Strong One

“Missy Piranha is a tough little monster but she is having a bad day. While out fishing she is confronted by a bigger monster demanding to know who ‘the Strong One’ is. Missy Piranha has a number of close encounters as she endeavors to find the Strong One. Eventually she to turns to Mom for help. Originally written in Japanese by Sakana Morino, this book is now available for the first time in English. This book is a must read for young monster fans.”

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The A to Z of Animal Poetry


Author Rob Palmer shared this with the note:

“I’ve just self published a children’s book that uses the OpenDyslexic font. It’s a poetry book and I’ve found in my research that the short structure of poems can make reading easier for those with dyslexia.

If you would like to find out more information about my book, ‘The A to Z of Animal Poetry’, the website can be found here”

It’s even more special than he lets on in his post: it’s an A-Z book of eccentric and interesting animals. It looks like an awesome book, and it’s even going to be available as an audio book for those who need it.

Get it:

Strawberry Classics Books

Classic Books in OpenDyslexic

I was pleasantly surprised when Strawberry Classics posted this on the OpenDyslexic Facebook Page: A set of paperback classics, all set to OpenDyslexic. All of these are available on Amazon for reasonable prices. In the absence of an available list, I’ve listed them here:

Wuthering Heights
Jekyll and Hyde
Moby Dick
Pride and Prejudice
Oliver Twist
The Scarlet Letter
Sense and Sensibility
Little Women

Find out more: Strawberry Classics

Soul’s Calling Basic Handbook

Souls Calling
From the author:

A game with a laser-like focus on you stepping into your fantasy adventurer’s shoes for a rivetingly immersive experience, Soul’s Calling puts the magic back into roleplay. It’s all about how to most fully suspend your disbelief that your adventurer is who you are. This book contains all the rules and setting material essential for running or playing this tabletop RPG. More or less everything about this game is designed to help you suspend your disbelief in being an adventurer in the fantasy setting of the Enshrouded Lands, where magic’s hidden from ordinary folk. The game encourages a slightly actor-ish style of roleplay, with a semi-live roleplay style. Storygamers and wargamers are accommodated.

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