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You may have downloaded Open-Dyslexic from places other than here and thats cool. I only guarantee the files from github and dafont. Oh, and it’s cool if you wanna share this font too. :)


  • Windows: Drag files to fonts folder, normally: C:\Windows\Fonts
  • Mac: Drag files into Font Book.
  • iOS(iPhone/iPad): if your device is jailbroken, search for “Open-Dyslexic” in Cydia.

Linux Distros

The following linux distro’s have an OpenDyslexic package in their default repo.
yum install opendyslexic-fonts
Debian (sid):
apt-get install fonts-opendyslexic
Arch Linux:
yaourt open-dyslexic-fonts
urpmi fonts-ttf-open-dyslexic

Browser Extensions!

Other typefaces!

  • Eulexia - A SIL-OFL version of OpenDyslexic
  • AlphaSymbolic - Based on a recent study, this typeface uses mostly symmetric symbols instead of the standard Roman Alphabet.

Change your default fonts!

  • Jailbroken iPhone? search for OpenDyslexic in Cydia to change your phones fonts!
  • Use the excellent dafont FAQ for installation instructions on your Mac or Windows computer!


Include OpenDyslexic in your app! If you are a small-time developer or a large company, you can include OpenDyslexic at no charge! ($0) Its super easy to get the latest development version or stable from github. The latest in development version of OpenDyslexic is available on github here!. The latest stable is also available on github. Also, if you like how this page looks, the scripts and CSS are available on the web-accessibility github :)

To make things even easier, I am working on some exciting tools to help include OpenDyslexic in your projects. :)

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