A Typeface for Dyslexia

OpenDyslexic is a typeface designed against some common symptoms of dyslexia. If you like the way you are able to read this page, and others, then this typeface is for you!

OpenDyslexic is free to use: The newest version of OpenDyslexic now uses the SIL-OFL license, giving you freedom to use it for personal use, business use, education, commercial, books, ebook readers, applications, websites, and any other project or purpose you need.

OpenDyslexic is not supposed to be a cure, a complete solution, or something you should apply uniformly to everyone: it was intended to address: contrast/blindness, letter confusion or rotation, and crowding.

Download Source

OpenDyslexic is now SIL-OFL licensed.

Want to help work on OpenDyslexic? Work on OpenDyslexic is done using Glyphs.app, and the source is hosted on Github. Help out by sharing bugs and requests here. Or by contributing to the source code on Github.


Donations are optional.

You can download OpenDyslexic for free.

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You can also subscribe to the Patreon which comes with extras.


Special thanks to:

Dan Amos
konstantinos roussos
Deborah S Rose
Kate Stonebraker
Robert Chambers
Laura Michaels
jonathan kean
Michelle Collyer
Myka Rose