EDI Touch

Home Screen on the EDI Touch

Home Screen on the EDI Touch

The EDI Touch is a tablet created specifically for children with Dyslexia. It runs Android, and the default font is OpenDyslexic. It’s 9.7″ and is in an aspect ratio that matches books children are used to carrying around. It’s currently in beta testing, but here’s a video that shows it in action (Italian).

More Information/Get it: http://tabletascuola.net/editouch/

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4 comments on “EDI Touch
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  2. mona says:

    can textbooks for school be made in this font or changed into this font for a tablet or ipad?


    • In short, yes, but it depends on what you are trying to do. If you are trying to get tablet textbooks in OpenDyslexic, it might be as simple as embedding it into the book.
      Email me if you’d like to discuss it further.


  3. […] Gonzalez propose également sur son site une série d’autres choses amusantes : par exemple, cette tablette créée spécifiquement pour les enfants […]


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