Kobo Mini, Glo, Aura HD

Kobo Glo

Kobo Glo

The guys at Kobo go through great lengths make their ereaders flexible to fit everyones reading habits, and have included OpenDyslexic as a font option out of the box. For the Kobo Touch, you can always easily side-load OpenDyslexic by adding it to the devices ‘font’ folder. Isn’t that easier than hacking/jailbreaking/sacrificing animals to get your ebooks the way you want?

Get it: http://kobo.com

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11 comments on “Kobo Mini, Glo, Aura HD
  1. Trinity Dejavu says:

    Just picked up a kobo-mini, couldn’t resist as soon as I saw Open Dyslexic.


    • Those are nice little devices indeed. 🙂


      • Emma says:

        I got a kobo a couple weeks ago as a Christmas gift and I’ve already managed to finish 3 books 😮 never have I been able to read so smoothly and follow the story fully until now! The open dyslexic font really makes it 🙂 I don’t have to take constant breaks when reading and I’m not getting tired trying to conserntrate on the words now! I’m am so greatful for this font 🙂


  2. Charade-Estel says:

    We are waiting for Kobo Touch readers for our two kids, to celebrate the end of school! I am thrilled to learn that Open Dyslexic will be part of the surprise! Great summer reading ahead!


  3. […] la très prometteuse Open dyslexic créée par Aberlado Gonzalez. D’ailleurs, les concepteurs des tablettes Kobo mini, Glo et Aura HD ont décidé de proposer aux lecteurs la possibilité de lire leurs eBooks en Open Dyslexic. Il […]


  4. Steve Moskowitz says:

    Any plans to get this font added to Kindle Fire? We already have the Kindle readers and I’d rather not spend more money to buy another reader, but my dyslexic son does love this font so much that it is tempting. Any information on plans would be greatly appreciated.



  5. Stephanie says:

    how do i get the font onto my kobo glo? I brought it today but cant seem to see it on there 😦


  6. Sunshine says:

    skrev:Ja då verkar ju du uppenbart vara en av dom sorgliga i högen eftersom du själv läst och koatenmermt den här bloggen?? Du tänkte inte så långt där vaa? Hugo du är kingen, fortsätt, på din blogg får jag alltid ett gott skratt!


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