Where the previous iOS keyboard app was iPad-only, DyslexiaKey works on the iPhone. From the store listing:

DyslexiaKey increases readability for those with reading disabilities. By using a font with a heavy base line, alternating stick/tail lengths and larger than normal openings, DyslexiaKey assures all users that each character will have a distinct difference, making reading/writing easier.

Get it: https://appsto.re/us/EOdf5.i
Developer’s Website: http://rapkey.co/

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4 comments on “DyslexiaKey
  1. is there something for Windows not everyone uses apple.


    • Hi Draíodóir,
      I’m sharing what others are developing. If you find something for Windows, let me know and I’ll post it here!
      Generally, for applications that run in Windows, there is much more control over options like Font settings. Many applications may work with OpenDyslexic in Windows, without explicitly adding that feature in.


  2. Eliz Johnson says:

    I have AMD and it causes difficulties reading certain fonts. I found this open dyslexic really helps. It would be good if you advertised as an aid to reading for those with early stages of AMD.


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