Another Dyslexia Typeface built from Feedback

1-typeface all character set

Riona Moore is building a dyslexia-accommodating typeface for a Final Project at the University of the Arts in London. She requested feedback on her work, and I thought it was fantastic. It is another choice in typefaces that emphasize readability and unique character shapes. She even takes into account a few of the suggestions made to OpenDyslexic over the years.

The typeface is a unique design, and I’m sure the design will appeal to many of you reading this. She’s even set up a Tumblr detailing her design process. This is something I had wanted to do with OpenDyslexic3, but just never had the time to do. Below is a summary of her project she wanted me to share. She is looking for feedback.

Hi, my name is Riona Moore. I’m currently in my final year at the University of the Arts London, doing a course in BA Graphic Design and Communication studies. For my final major project I have been designing a typeface for people with dyslexia. I understand there are already other typefaces that have been designed for this purpose like Dyslexie, Open Dyslexic, etc. but have found that these typefaces are not found to be useful for all readers. Dyslexic readers have different font preferences and different problems with reading so one typeface is never going to be perfect for everyone. I’ve created a font with a different style to previous dyslexic typefaces while taking into account the font characteristics listed on the British Dyslexia Association website as being preferable for Dyslexic readers, as well as based on what people didn’t like about previous dyslexic typefaces in order to give people an alternative font option.

My font has long ascenders and descenders on the t,y,p,f,j as well as wide openings in the e, and c. Certain letters have been designed to ensure they don’t look similar and are easily distinguishable such as a from o/d, G from C, rn from m, u/v, Q from O, b/d, Capital I from lowercase l.

Since the purpose of my font is to provide another option for dyslexic users, which is clear and easy to read and has more distinct letterforms, I need to test it out with my target audience and see how it is received. Any feedback/comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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21 comments on “Another Dyslexia Typeface built from Feedback
  1. Sue says:

    Well done Riona. Can we see some paragraphs of your dyslexia font in use? It’s difficult to tell effectiveness from the alphabet sheet. Thank you.


  2. I am able to read much faster with your font.


  3. Heidi Stoll says:

    I like your font. I am wondering why you chose to write the a like you did. I prefer it to look like what children are instructed to write. Maybe there is a reason?


    • She breaks down some of the letter shape choices over here:

      I’ve gotten messages in favor of both a shapes, and OpenDyslexic does have an option for both a shapes (the round-a shape being sent in by Rob Carpenter). However, I prefer the standard ‘a’ in my personal use for the reasons Riona shows in the link above: I tend to confuse it for an ‘o’ O_O


      • Heidi Stoll says:

        That makes sense. I just know from my experience of teaching young dyslexics (my 8 children) to read, they have a hard time memorizing symbols and the ‘a’ is a new symbol from what they learn to write. Similar to the g that they learn to write. It is different than what is commonly found in print and so they tend to be confused by it.


  4. Joe Nix says:

    Seems to be working for me thanks


  5. cs robinson says:

    I suppose I’d better find out 1st if I am Dyslexic? I think I’ll try google 1st.. thanks,


  6. Aisling says:

    I think it works? I ended up reading it so fast my eyes watered lol. I love the longer “beak” on the lower case r. I have a hell of a time when r is next to n.


  7. madeline halkowski says:

    perfect! love it!!!! when will it be downloadable ?


  8. Michiel says:

    I really like your font and can’t wait to use it. But I see nothing is happening on the download front.
    Since there is a high-rez image on this page, are we allowed to build the font ourselves?


  9. Rachel Hunter says:

    I can read much faster and focusing us smoother.


  10. photo photo says:

    I think this is so beautiful. I want to use this font for some projects. Please, can you tell me when it might be available? It is so gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. […] lectores con dislexia pero no te gusta o no te es tan útil OpenDyslexic, puedes también probar esta, creada en base a los comentarios y sugerencias enviados a los creadores de OpenDyslexic […]


  12. aceas says:

    Couldn’t get homebrow to work here:

    This worked though:

    brew tap caskroom/fonts
    brew cask install font-opendyslexic


  13. Claes says:

    Any news about Riona’s font? I could’t fond anything about it after her last entry on tumblr on the 27th of may. I would really love to test the font on a daily basis.


  14. LisaJo Borchers says:

    Create a way to use this font on Mozilla firefox


  15. David says:

    I can’t find a picture with all letters so I write this to see what it looks like 🙂
    1lLI Il a dbqpQPDB oO0 ijIjJ & € tfvuwnmuy


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