Mac, Windows, Raw Font Files

All the OpenDyslexic and OpenDyslexic 3 packages are available free, here:

Download OpenDyslexic2 from (Click 'Download' on the right side of the screen.)
Check the Dafont FAQ for more details on installing
For your Phone and Tablet


  • To use in apps:
  • To override the font used everywhere:
    • Jailbreak your iOS device and install "Open-Dyslexic." Instructions on jailbreaking can be searched for using Google.


For your computer



  • Ubuntu:
    apt-get install fonts-opendyslexic
  • Fedora:
    yum install opendyslexic-fonts
  • Debian (sid):
    apt-get install fonts-opendyslexic
  • Arch Linux:
    yaourt open-dyslexic-fonts
  • Mageia:
    urpmi fonts-ttf-open-dyslexic