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Dyslite for OpenDyslexic converts the font on all web pages to OpenDyslexic, an open-source font type that many people with dyslexia have found easier to read than traditional typefaces (but you already know that!)

Dyslite was designed to be a very light plugin so that it would not interfere with the load times on web pages. Once you have the Dyslite plugin installed and enabled, text on webpages loaded by your web browser are automatically and instantly converted into your dyslexia-optimized web font of choice (we currently offer OpenDyslexic, Mono Dyslexic, and Gill Dyslexic). Just install it once you’ll never have to worry about it again. But it’ll always be behind the scenes, working to help you read faster and more efficiently.

You can learn more about the Dyslite plugin and supported font types at http://dyslite.com.

Get it: http://dyslite.com
*Note* The website for dyslite.com has intermittent issues. You may want to contact the owner of Dyslite if you can't reach it. Since I do not control Dyslite, there is not much I can do.


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