G is for Gadget

A beautifully laid out eBook featuring touchable items for each letter of the alphabet. Description from the app store:

G is for Gadget is not just another children’s alphabet picture book. This book teaches the alphabet to young children using a catalog of the gadgets that they see you use almost everyday. This book is also an ode to the relationship with these gadgets that many of us tend to take for granted every day. In fact, many of these items did not even exist in their current form or at all when we were learning the alphabet, and today our children are being exposed to some of these gadgets within minutes of entering the world.

In this new context, the Gadget Alphabet is a New Alphabet for a New Generation.

G is for Gadget not only identifies the initial letter of a gadget’s name, but uses over 110 touchable items that introduces many of the iconic images and sounds which are part of these brands. This means that your gadgets themselves can then become teaching tools, making every moment a true learning opportunity to reenforce the learning of the alphabet.

G is for Gadget proudly features:
OpenDyslexic Font - a new open sourced font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia.
Voices representing various countries and accents (currently only English Speaking).
Real world Images, sounds, videos and trademarks (which are the property of their respective owners).

Each gadget also has a short description that will likely make you chuckle more than your child, but that’s simply part of what we call 'sharing the fun' (something for them and something for you)!

I know you will enjoy sharing and reading this book together, hopefully as much as you enjoy using your gadgets.

Get it: http://www.gisforgadget.com/
App store: itunes.apple.com