Happy Holidays!

This Holiday Season, I have a special treat for you. The all time #1 request/question for OpenDyslexic has been some form of "can I get this on my iPad/iPhone?" The answer used to require jailbreaking (thanks to iPhoneRuler, for providing the Open-Dyslexic package). But today, the answer is, "yes!"
[caption id="attachment_577" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Pages using OpenDyslexic Pages using OpenDyslexic[/caption]
iOS 7 includes a new feature: you can install your own fonts on the device. This means that any app for iOS that uses the iOS font list can now also use OpenDyslexic!

Many apps already support this. In these apps, once OpenDyslexic is installed, you can just select it from the font list. These developers did not specifically develop to include OpenDyslexic, but because the apps use the iOS font list, OpenDyslexic I haven't had much time to test, but I've posted a list of apps that support this in the brand new forums.

That's right, something else that's relatively new is the forums section. I'll be posting install tips, beta announcements, etc. in the forums, possibly before anywhere else. Keep an eye on the forums for interesting stuff before I announce it.

Just open this link from your iOS 7 device, and download it. When you are asked to install, click install. It's a bit belated of a Christmas treat, but better late than never. :D


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