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Academic Apps For Kids have recently launched our first two apps: Learn Words 1 and Learn Words 2, available on the AppStore for iPad and iPhone. Both apps teach young children to read 40 words using pictures and targeted multiple choice. Our aim is to make learning fun without trying to distract with loud and flashy songs and animations. We promise a quiet and safe learning experience, so no advertisements or in-app purchases. All apps are available at the lowest price point and have a discount for educational institutions.

We are proud to have included an option to use the OpenDyslexic font and fully support all the great work that Abelardo Gonzalez is doing. We hope to release many more apps in the future and they will all feature OpenDyslexic.

Get it links:
Learn Words 1: http://appstore.com/learnwords1
Learn Words 2: http://appstore.com/learnwords2

Develop AppStore page: http://appstore.com/academicappsforkids

Developer Website: http://www.academicappsforkids.com