Storyboard That is a great web app that lets you make storyboards for your workplace, in schools, or just to make a comic.

From the developer:

Storyboard That is the world’s best online storyboard creator. From creating short stories, or doing a plot summary storyboarding is a powerful way to visually see and communicate ideas.

With over a quarter million storyboards created, people of all ages take advantage of our easy to use drag and drop interface and extensive library of custom created artwork to bring their stories to life. As the images on the screen unfold creativity naturally follows.

We are incredibly excited to add the OpenDyslexic font after it was recommended to us by some of our teacher friends. Teachers had already been using Storyboard That for Transition Boards / PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) - for some time, and we feel this helps round our ability to have even more students succeed.

To use the OpenDyslexic font, create a new storyboard - - and select the Open Dyslexic font when adding text.

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