Sometimes Noise is Big

I haven't read it, but I like the idea behind this book a lot. This book is an introduction into how some people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) might experience the world around them. If we view things from someone else's point of view, we often understand them better, and that can go a long way to reduce stress and frustration on both sides. Everyone with ASD experiences things a little differently, but this book outlines some of the more common struggles for people on the spectrum.

Spider & Bat: Best Friends Forever

Join Spider and Bat on their adventures in the Australian bush. Author, Tracy Montgomery, a qualified youth worker, incorporates life skill lessons such as how to make friends, in this cute story book. Open Dyslexic font makes it easy to read for dyslexic children and adults. Watch out for the second book in the series due out June!

Sudoku for Dyslexics: 200 puzzles

There are 200 Sudoku puzzles split evenly into 4 levels of difficulty: EASY, COOL, THINKER and BRAIN. Get it:

Zack & Zoey's Alien Apocalypse: Alien Busting Ninja Adventure

After Aliens come to earth and eat the president, Zack and Zoey need to save the world.