Twin Browser

Twin Browser is a web browser for the iPad that lets you browse the web with two pages side-by-side. It allows you to select the font you want all pages to be viewed with, including OpenDyslexic.

My Spellings

My Spellings is an app that lets you practice your spelling using tests. It lets you use your voice to record the words, and then you have to type the word correctly. You can set up multiple 'tests,' and record lists of words for practice and testing, which seems like it would be incredibly useful to parents of school-aged children, or even for your own practice.


Texpad is a LaTeX editor for the iPad and iOS that includes auto-complete, outline view, error tables, and now, OpenDyslexic. Get it:

Spell Better

Free to try app that helps with spelling, and includes OpenDyslexic Get it:


[caption id="attachment_158" align="aligncenter" width="1530"] DoxOnBox with OpenDyslexic and Beeline viewing Wikipedia[/caption]

BeeLine Reader

[caption id="attachment_153" align="aligncenter" width="986"] Beeline Reader using the 'subtle' option, and OpenDyslexic[/caption]

Voice Dream Reader

Text to speech app integrated with Instapaper, Paper, dropbox and more. It can display your text in OpenDyslexic so you can read along easily with one of several dozen incredibly high quality voices. Get it:

Greek Interlinear Bible

[caption id="attachment_221" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Font selection screen with OpenDyslexic Selected[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_91" align="aligncenter" width="1148"] Font Selection screen[/caption] An excellent eBook reading app that not only comes with OpenDyslexic as an option, but also has an artificial intelligence that works way better than Amazon’s X-Ray feature. Get it:


Abilipad is a writing tool with custom keyboards, and more. Get it: